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Transform digital assets on your webpage into NFTs, in a few steps. Your audience can collect branded graphics, photos, and more soon. All of these examples are collectible NFTs.
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Make your work stand out by using animated gifs and turning it into a collectible. Collect our Cent Shiny Penny collectible for $5. (2,000 available for minting.)
Limited Editions
Mint limited editions of your work. Collect our LockHeart NFT for $10. (1,000 available for minting.)
Do you sell physical goods on your website? Add value for your customers by transforming your physical goods into digital NFTs. Collect our Official Cent Hat collectible for $5.
(2,000 available for minting.)
Secure your brand on the blockchain by minting your original logomark. Collect our Official Hive Logo collectible for $1. (500 available for minting.)
Mint important events on the blockchain and give them away for free, even. Collect our Miami Nights NFT for FREE.
(Only 1,000 available for minting.)
Event Tickets
Utilize the power of the blockchain to gain access to events and authenticate attendance. Collect our Mint Yourself Miami NFT for $25 and enjoy an official invite to all of our 2023 events. (Only 100 available for minting.)